Real Estate in Southern Maryland

Real Estate in Southern Maryland
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5 ahearnesean

Lynda was fantastic. We met her by actually looking at one of her personally owned properties to rent and even though we decided to pass she immediately started helping us look around the area. She showed us numerous properties and responded to our inquiries very quickly. We found a place that we liked but were hoping for a more updated interior. Lynda took it upon herself to contact the owner, who she knew was a contractor, and worked out an agreement that entailed him renovating the kitchen and master bath as part of our lease agreement. My wife and I never even considered that something like this could be an option! We signed the contract and now have a great place that we call our home. If it wasn’t for Lynda we would have settled on a place that we weren’t totally happy with and would have been “stuck in the 90’s.”

5 candwolfe

Lynda is helpful, knowledgeable and responsive. She handled the entire rental process for me in an organized and expedient manner. She jumped through hoops to make sure we found a rental that met our exact requirements.

5 user79817226

Lynda was not only professional, but very personable as well. I found her knowledge and experience to be first class. She was very easy to work with and it was evident she truly cared about customer service and satisfaction. Lynda was able to find quality tenants for my rental property in a timely manner. I would definitely recommend her to anyone seeking an agent to help you buy, sell, or rent a property. I plan to employ her services when I sell this property and in any future real estate endeavors.

5 user00922542

Lynda was a blessing in the sky for me and my family. We needed a house asap. Our lease was up n we were in a hotel room with our 3 kids ( hell). I had like 3 realtors I was working with for I’d say at least 7 months trying to find a rental. They couldn’t find us what we wanted. I saw a house with a pic of lynda. I called about the house and it was already rented. Told lynda my situation and she went to work. 3 realtors in 7 months couldn’t find me a house…lynda found me one in seriously 3 days. The owner had 3 other showings on the house the same day we went. Lynda had me fill out the application for the house the night before and we sent it to the owner. She sd we should try to be one of the first ones there, which we were. She talked to the owner ,who was pressed who seeing the other potential renters, and she worked her magic. We moved in the next day. Definitely using lynda when its time to buy. I refer her to anyone I know that’s trying to move. They all love her n say she’s great. Definitely glad I found her.

5 user22424611

I used Lynda’s services in locating a property on Solomons Island, MD. I cannot say enough about Lynda’s professionalism, enthusiasm and genuine interest in making sure that any of my requirements and/or concerns were addressed as satisfactorily as possible. Throughout the entire process there was never any doubt on my part with regard to her goals and motivation; she was always with me and for me throughout the process with a sincerity that is incredibly rare. Conversely she was able to adequately express the needs of the property owner in such a balanced way that I knew she was also fully committed to an outcome that benefitted everyone concerned. If I was selling or buying or leasing or renting out a property in our area I would consider Lynda Wannamaker as my best possible option as a realtor to work with.

5 user0804042

Incredibly helpful in getting our long term lease. Most other agents suggested settin up an MLS alert and didn’t want to be bothered. Lynda was quick to respond and expertly handled all of our questions and concerns.

5 user82467490

I relocated to Calvert county about 2 months ago. Lynda was in touch with me promptly after I requested information on a property. She set up visits for other similar rentals in the area as well as the one I was interested in and was able to give me more insight into the area. This made my decision much easier, and I could not be happier with the condo I decided to rent.

5 user9599782

Lynda made the process of buying a home very easy. She was very enthusiastic from the beginning, and was always available to answer questions and solve problems. Lynda was very flexible and willing to work around our busy schedules, and she made sure everything was done in a timely manner and done correctly. She made us feel like we were her number one priority even though I know she had many other clients. Lynda will be the first person we contact the next time we need a realtor, and I highly recommend her to anyone who plans on buying, selling, or renting a home.

5 user0665091

She is charming, honest, efficient and she has her finger on the pulse of the community. Where other realtors failed to secure a fair deal she succeeded. No need to say more.

5 shipley11809

Lynda is very knowledgeable and honest. She brings years of experience to the property searching process. She works hard to meet all your needs and answer any questions you may have about a property of interest to you. We looked at many properties together and were impressed by her knowledge about the property and that provided us with the knowledge we needed to determine if the property was the right fit for our family. I would recommend Lynda Wanamaker to anyone that is looking for a new property and wants the best of the best Realtor! Very satisfied, Chris

5 user0130454

Lynda is a phenomenal real estate agent. She helped my husband and I find our dream home!!! The searching process and the buying process were made easier because of her drive and determination. I would suggest Lynda to anyone who is searching for a home!! She is knowledgeable, fun and most importantly honest!

5 user1069120

Lynda was the greatest during our purchase. She was very responsive and did a great job staying on top of each step. She’s a seasoned pro and very professional.

5 user30451608

Lynda was very very helpful for our home buying search. Lynda was able to answer question we had for her. If she didnt know the answer she would look into it an get back to us as soon as possible. Our process went as smooth as it could of our on end dealing with her

5 majslider1

First realtor we have worked with that truly had our needs in mins and not their hopes!!! I am military and have bought 4 homes in 10 years. She is the first realtor that actually listened to our needs and showed us homes that we were interested in. She sheltered us from dealing with a HORRIBLE selling agent on a foreclosure nightmare!!!! Despite the unprofessional attitude of that agent, she maintained the utmost professionalism and patience throughout the process.

5 kacie stuckey

Lynda is very knowledgeable and what she doesn’t know she is willing to srop everything to figure out! As a first time home buyer, we had tons of questions and I was constantly calling. She is always very responsive and gets back to me the same day. She was amazingly supportive through the whole process and was very flexible with scheduling! Even when she went on vacation, she was in contact with us and the lenders the whole time, making me feel safe, secure and in good hands! Awesome agent!

5 user8908725

The experience with Mrs. Wanamaker was AMAZING….better yet, OUTSTANDING! She has great knowledge and expertise in this field. She was helpful and optimistic from day 1, never said no or that something could not happen. Mrs. Wanamaker does her homework and also when there was nothing going on and it was a waiting period she made sure we were doing alright. Her tireless efforts, got us into a house faster than the average time frame it takes. She continuously made sure my wife and I were OK, and were abreast of everything that was going on behind the scenes. I would recommend her to ANYONE who is looking to purchase their first home or 2nd, 3rd, or 4th!!!!!!! Beyond the experience itself, you will get true sincerity and humility from Mrs. Wanamaker! She cares and respects the person and/or family involved. As long as you are willing to let her do her job and be patient I guarantee a great outcome. Along with Ms. Wanamaker, her husband also assisted, on his day off which showed my wife and I the dedication they had to make our dream come true. Even when on vacation, Mrs. Wanamaker took the time out to still make sure everything was going as scheduled. I want to not only comment and describe the experience but Thank Mr. and Mrs. Wanamaker for ALL THE HELP!

5 leslieparkerxoxo

Words cannot describe how much I appreciate Lynda. Throughout this 9months of stress, Lynda has helped me get through it all. Lynda communicates well, she has TONS of knowledge and experience, and I will definitely recommend her to anyone. Lynda has helped me find my dream home and made my home buying experience worth it!

5 gunnerwolf1313

I messaged several real estate agents when I was looking to purchase my first home. Out of the lot, Lynda stood out as the kindest and most helpful of them all. Now that I have purchased my home, I can look back and say I am very glad I chose her to represent me.

Her home finding tools are top notch, and allow you to search a specific area and find out everything there is to know about the homes in the area. She also handled my infrequent time schedule and crazy work routine extremely well. Not only that but she understands the wonders of technology and communicating in the digital age.

She went to bat for me to get the seller to provide maintenance and service requests prior to the sale, and followed up with the contractors after the sale to make sure I got full records of what was done.

Overall I was never in any doubt that Lynda represented MY interests, and knew exactly what was required to get me what I needed. She was helpful, collected, professional, and a good road trip partner on the many excursions into rural Maryland. I would absolutely recommend Lynda to anyone looking to purchase a home, and especially to people looking to purchase their first home. She truly did make the whole process easy and understandable.

5 hgljlee

Lynda Wanamaker is an excellent agent who is very good at her craft. Lynda made our home buying experience very easy and stress free. I would recommend her to anyone in need of a realtor, and will surely use her again in the future. Great agent!

5 dattilo jordan

First time military homebuyer….had all the answers! With myself and fiance asking 100 questions a day for a month straight, Lynda always took the time to get back to us as fast as possible with the correct information! I would recommend her to anyone, first time home buyer or if its your 50th home, she’s great!

5 Bluesea2

Recently, my husband and I were in search of our ideal home, this was no simple task since we specifically were interested in the purchase of a foreclosed property; during our on-line search we had the pleasure of becoming acquainted with Mrs. Lynda Wanamaker. Throughout this process, Mrs. Wanamaker understood our needs and availability; she worked tirelessly to make certain all requirements were completed and submitted to the seller prior to, or by the deadline date. In fact, there were times the seller petitioned additional particulars with a 24 hour turn-around, not once did Mrs. Wanamaker request for an extension; she stayed up well past midnight to ensure success. What I appreciated most is her professional demeanor, tolerance, timely communication and most importantly she was consistently punctual for every appointment. When it came down to the final requirements, I would absolutely recommend Mrs. Wanamaker to any new home buyers. In fact, my husband have already approached her regarding our next purchase of a home for our daughter. Sincerely, Mr. & Mrs. R. J. Daniels

5 fjcrow2008

Lynda helped us over the course of about two years trying to find our home. She took us through every manner of home, foreclosures, short sales, and new homes. She did a great job finding the sort of homes and neighborhoods that best met our needs… and our specifications were fairly complicated! She is very knowledgeable and well connected. We will certainly recommend her to others and, if the need ever presents itself, we would surely work her in the future.

5 falcongspeli55

Lynda was exceptionally responsive and helpful to my needs as a military member trying to purchase a home from afar. From the beginning, she went out of her way to provide all the info needed, set up showings, and respond to any necessary communications throughout the home buying process. As an 8 year military service member, I have quite a bit of experience with moving, rentals, and property management. She is truly the best I have worked with. If I have to buy/sell/rent in the future, I look forward to utilizing her services.

5 user84469240

She’s a great person to work with and always on time for appointment and work flexibly with your schedule. She’s very experienced in real estate, very patient I have no doubt you would not regret working with her.

5 dfisher343

Lynda was great! She marketed the house with the intent of leaving no Money on the table. We started with high market value adjusted price according to traffic and we were under contract in just over 60 day. This was an Estate sale so time was critical Great Job Lynda !

5 GromitVT10

Lynda is GREAT!! Super nice and knowledgeable. Although in the end we weren’t able to close the deal on the property we wanted she did her best and the stars just did’t align for us this time. We will continue to use her as our agent until we finally land that perfect home.

5 lmorris87071

Purchasing a home is a great investment not to be taken lightly. My goal was finding someone that would be patient, professional,and genuinely concerned with what I wanted in a home. I can think of no one that I would refer other than Lynda Wanamaker. She is a walking wealth of knowledge so expect knowledge professionalism, honesty, patience and integrity. Lynda is the Broker that will genuinely ensure that your concerns are addressed. During my process Lynda was very patient. She took the time to address all of my concerns, and confirmed that I understood fully, all of my concerns. As a disabled Veteran, USN-Ret, I experience medical difficulties that are unexpected. Lynda was very patient, and accommodating with regard to working around these challenges. I highly recommend Mrs. Wanamaker to anyone seeking a home. L. Austin

5 user44849820

Lynda was and is a great real-estate agent. I was buying my first banked owned property and was unaware of the process of what was ahead for my Family and I. Lynda coached me through it and then followed up with me many many times throughout the loan process. She kept me in the loop of what was going on and where we were in the loan process. She even used her own HVAC guy to give a free quote when the bank was taking their time with their own estimates for our house. Heck the bank ended up using her guy (low bidder) which shows me how much she knows the local market. When finding our home we gave Lynda the requirements needed in our price range. I think we looked at a total of 5 houses before me made an offer on the house my wife, kids and I absolutely love. Anyone who uses Lynda will not be disappointed

5 user1354070

Very detailed, and through. Was always able to find the information needed. Able to handle complex deals from beginning to end. Very personal, always available. Would not use anyone else. Best Realtor we have ever worked with.

5 zuser20150610191118278

Lynda went above and beyond to help me try to buy a house. She was always available to me, and spent many, many, hours trying to get the deal closed. Her title company, loan officer, and inspector are incredible some of the best. Unfortunately due to circumstances of mine that changed- I couldn’t get the house- but I would highly recommend Lynda to anyone who is trying to buy or sell a house.

5 KZubowski

I am very impressed. Lynda was able to help us find a home that my family loved and, more importantly, looked out for our best interest through the entire process. She went above and beyond to help us make informed decisions and ensured everyone stayed on task to close on time. My family and I could not be happier with her performance and our new home. I highly recommend Lynda to anyone wishing to find a home that they love.

5 user8994855

I dealt with Lynda for a couple of months in search of my perfect home. She could not have been any more professional or helpful in my search for a home. I decided that now was not the time for me to purchase a home and yet she was still very professional and greatfull for my business she did do with me up to that decision. My future home buying experience will not be with anyone else other than Lynda.

5 kimberly tomasino

Lynda made my first Maryland home purchase a smooth and easy, enjoyable transaction. She was very attentive with quick and accurate responses and I always had the sense that she was looking out for my best interests. The title company she works with was very professional and I was also very impressed with her loan officer and inspector. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to purchase a home!

5 mraebryant

We were first time home buyers and Lynda was very knowledgeable, flexible, and helpful. She is very professional as well as down to earth, and when we met her it seemed as though she was an old friend we had known for years. She made the process very smooth and easy with her suggestions, tips and things to look out for. She also had a few other companies she referred us to who aided in the process that also made the whole experience extremely seamless. Simply put working with Lynda was awesome throughout the whole home buying process. Whether your a first time home buyer or you have been through the process many times, Lynda is amazing and you will not regret working with her.

5 lauratrixell2016

I would recommend Lynda to all of my friends. She was so thoughtful and always kept me in the loop with my home purchase. Always wanted what was best for me and my family. She treated us like family members. She made me feel very comfortable. Throughly enjoyed working with her

5 ammfaeo

I am 100% thrilled with everything that Lynda did from start to finish. She patiently guided me through the entire process and understood all my needs. Lynda ALWAYS responded to every call, text, or email that I sent to her. The lady is on the ball; awesome. Once I was pre-approved she had so many properties to choose from. When I finally decided on the perfect home for my large family she guided me through the entire “offer” process and made it all so simple. After the offer was approved she ensured that I was happy and that any issues that I addressed at ‘inspection’ were resolved. She told me that the entire process would take ‘X’ number of days from a certain ‘start’ date. She held true to her dates and not once did I ever doubt her resilience and service. I closed and moved into my home large part due to Lynda Wanamaker “can do” attitude that encouraged me to find the perfect spot. Thank you Lynda!

5 pmstahlman

in 2016 in MD We couldn’t be more thrilled with our home buying experience with Lynda Wanamaker. We went VA with our home loan, Lynda Wanamaker is very knowledgeable on the VA loan process. Lynda always responded to every call, text, or email that we sent to her. Lynda Wanamaker is top notch, professional and on top of her game! Once we were pre-approved she had so many properties to choose from. Lynda found us homes that fit our wants and needs. When we had decided on the perfect home for our family she guided us through the entire “offer” process and made it all so simple. After our offer was accepted she guided us through the inspection process and made herself available to attend and answer any and all questions. Lynda Wanamaker kept us up to date and informed every step of the way. When you are looking for a home, you want Lynda Wanamaker in your corner!

5 foundation36

Lynda is a strong 5/5. As first time homebuyers, she made my wife and I feel comfortable in every step of the process. We were in contact with her for a period of time before our housing search even begun, and she was available and willing to answer all matter of questions. Once the search process began, she was actively fun to go see houses with! She always has a positive perspective, while being totally honest about the houses we were viewing. I never felt like I was being sold to. She could quickly and honestly lay out the pros and cons of any given house to her eye from a quick walk through. Once we had made a decision, she was always available for information and communication with the previous homeowner. There were a couple bumps in the road she had dealt with before, and maybe a rare one she hadn’t seen yet. Each was addressed with haste, common sense, and professionalism. (As an aside, the various other parties she referred us to were satisfactory, the house inspector was especially helpful and available on several issues, and the title company was quick and painless.) Lynda is very familiar with the Southern MD area, and was already familiar with the exact street we ended up purchasing on. It is clear Lynda’s philosophy is that she is there for her clients, they are not there for her. We would absolutely recommend her to friends, and would not hesitate to use her again ourselves.

5 zuser20160329215505743

I love Lynda, Lynda has been the greatest real estate agent I have ever got to work with. Lynda not only help me find my house when I moved to Maryland, she helped me sell my house 14 months later when I was relocated for my Job. She was great through the entire selling process. Lynda has so many contacts!!! She ended up helping me get my house ready for sale. She helped with getting the septic tank inspection completed, punch list items from the buyer, amongst a plethora of other things. All while I was 2,200 miles in Washington St. She is a great person and will always have a smile on here face (which is a great quality). Lynda helped me through the entire process and helped with my important decisions, not only as a buyer but as a seller as well. If I was still living in Maryland I would have asked Lynda to find me another house. Thanks again Lynda you have been a great friend and real estate agent.

5 bsterbz

We were grateful of having Lynda as our agent in buying our home. Her knowledge in the setting up the contract and completing the home inspection process helped us in purchasing our home. Lynda made sure that all items that needed corrective action from the home inspection got resolved within the time period specified. Lynda always responded promptly to every call or email that we sent her. We highly recommend Lynda to anyone seeking an agent.

5 jennmosley

Lynda was a pleasure to work with from start to finish. She knew the market well, and made herself available to questions through email, phone, and text. I highly recommend working with Lynda, especially if you want a knowledgable expert, who isn’t pushy, and does have your best interest in mind.

5 user9306636

Look no further than Lynda Wannamaker for excellence in real estate expertise. Lynda is precise in her knowledge of the process, knows how to efficiently find the right home for you and negotiate in her clients best interest but making everyone feel like a winner. We are going to use only Lynda for all our future home buying needs.

5 JhnGard

As a first time home buyer, Lynda was absolutely amazing to work with. She walked me through each step of the process, and always made her self available via email or text. Lynda also did an awesome job negotiating on my behalf. Id absolutely recommend Lynda. She’s great at what she does and is knowledgeable about every aspect of real estate.

5 tammidhardy

Lynda was absolutely wonderful to work with! Every time I called about a random house she got us in so fast and made sure to work around our schedule. She helped us find the perfect home for our family and made sure we got it! She also answered all our questions and if she wasn’t completely sure she made sure to find out. Highly recommend!

5 jordan a miller

WOW. There is absolutely no need to look any farther or search for another realtor. Lynda is everything you could ever want. I found Lynda by chance via Zillow when it came to searching for/buying a house, and she has been nothing shy of perfection. Lynda will meet you at any time of day (we did a showing starting at 7pm one time!) and make it as convenient as possible for you. Not only will she suggest homes to visit, but she sends automated lists right to your email that come from the MRIS website directly so there’s no false info and you can cruise through listings in the comfort of your own home. Most importantly, Lynda does NOT judge you on your spending! We volunteered the info for how much we were approved for, but expressed our comfortable price tag we were searching for. She did not show us a single home that was beyond our comfort range. That was so important to us, there was no pressure sale, no shady deals! Once we would walk through a home and express that we liked it, Lynda would take it one step further (as she always does): Lynda actually walks you through the house and remarks on what is good for resale, easy fixes and updates that can be made, and general suggestions on furniture placement/configuration. She really puts full effort in allowing you to see the potential in a home, all while being good company! Once we put in a contract (which she wastes no time in putting in…and had excellent negotiation “tools” and suggestions), Lynda was amazing in orchestrating home inspections, appraisals, and sending documents that needed signatures. We didn’t doubt for a second that anything she did wasn’t necessary. Lynda doesn’t waste your time, and is very considerate of your schedule and needs. Being so anxious about our home, I was blown away by her calls or texts throughout the entire process giving updates, whether they needs attention or not. Lynda really made both myself and my husband feel confident and CALM throughout the entire buying process. We can’t wait to sell our house so we can use Lynda again!

5 kim5079

Lynda is a phenomenal agent and I hope when we’re ready to sell she is still in the business. She’ll be the first one we’ll turn to. Despite over six months of hunting and countless ups and downs along the way Lynda never got irritated and always had a smile on the phone and in person. Her knowledge of the area that we were looking in is second-to-none. My wife and I always felt that we were the number one client for Lynda and I know of several times that she either didn’t answer a phone while she was with us, or took our call at the oddest hours as we had “just one more thing”. A true professional that puts her clients first.

5 zuser20161112132210019

I can honestly say without question that Lynda is the sole reason I’ve been able to keep my sanity through out this process and out of all the people I’ve met with and discussed my goals with Lynda is beyond any comparison the most honest and hard working woman I’ve ever met and has on numerous occasions gone above and beyond to fight for me and my interests to simplify this process. The work she’s done has taken a world of stress off of my shoulders and I can not recommend her enough, without her I don’t know where I’d be, I’m tremendously thankful that I was lucky enough to have this woman on my team!

5 derekmusic75

We’ve worked with a number of realtors in the past for different moves and Lynda is the best! She is extremely personable and fun to be around. She’s also very knowledgeable of the area and is pro-active in finding homes that meet your needs. We loved that she always seemed to be a step ahead of us, anticipating our needs in order to make the whole process easy to navigate. If you want to find a beautiful home to move into, then contact Lynda. She’ll turn over every rock to find you the perfect place, just like she did for us.

5 ryan nicol

Lynda was definitely well knowledgeable in the realty field. The communication between her and I was always constant and she was quick to respond with further news from the listing agent and lender. Whenever I had any questions or concerns she responded and tried to figure them out quickly, efficiently and was always very professional about it. Lynda also had a very upbeat and positive attitude/personality which is always a bonus. Being a first time homebuyer, she made the process very easy and everything went very smooth. The experience of this life changing process definitely went better than expected thanks to her. I recommend her and will also most likely use her again if need be. Thank you Lynda

5 user5265799

My husband and I worked with Linda Wanamaker when we were trying to find a home or condo in St. Mary’s County. We ended up not purchasing a property because of a change in our plans. We would be pleased to refer anyone to Linda. She is very kind and is an expert in the real estate market. If you have a question she’ll get you the answer. We can’t thank her enough for all her hard work and expertise.

5 zuser20161114110425044

First time homebuyer here, Lynda was great at explaining everything to the smallest detail throughout the entire process and was able to get me a solid price!

5 lsimoes79

Lynda was wonderful. I contacted her out of the blue about one of her listings, well before we were really able to start looking. While she quickly sold that house, I knew I had stumbled on someone who would be great to work with when we were ready. Lynda was extremely responsive and proactive leading up to our house hunting visit. We had 2 days to find a house and she made sure our time was well spent. She is very knowledgeable about the area which was great since we had never been there before. Once we found the right house and our offer was accepted she was able to negotiate having every single thing on the home inspection being taken care of. We also changed lenders after putting in the offer which was not ideal and she negotiated that with the sellers agent as well to ensure they would agree to it. I could not be more pleased with our experience and would recommend Lynda to anyone looking for a home, or selling a home.

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